It is our desire to establish Antique Acres Airpark as an attractive aviation community and to provide for safe, compatible and harmonious use of common areas. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Reservation of Easements has been filed in the official records of Clermont County. The Covenants and Restrictions are summarized herein with complete copies being available to purchasers.

PLAN REVIEW & APPROVAL Two sets of complete plans and specifications for any building or structure planned on this subdivision shall be first submitted in writing for approval and approved in writing by the Board.

TEMPORARY LIVING UNITS No owner, at any time shall use as a residence, temporarily or permanently, a trailer, tent, shack, garage, hangar, barn, streetcar, bus or other outbuilding. However, placement of the aforementioned may be permitted on a temporary basis during construction of permanent dwelling if approved in writing by the Association.

HANGAR AND TIE-DOWN SPACE The airplane hangar or tie-down space on each Lot shall be limited to strictly private use and only by the Owner of the property. No person who is not a member of the Association shall be permitted to store, tie down or hangar any aircraft on Antique Acres Airpark on a permanent basis. Overnight parking or tie-down for quests is permissible.

HANGAR AND HOME CONSTRUCTION A house and hangar can be built simultaneously or the Hangar built subsequent to the house. Any structure must be completed insofar as exterior finish is concerned within 18 months from the date of issuance of a building permit by Clermont County.

MINIMUM/MAXIMUM SIZE OF HOUSE AND HANGAR The minimum house size will be 2,000 square feet. The maximum hangar size will be 4,000 square feet.

ALL BUIILDINGS MUST BE PROPERTLY MAINTAINED All buildings, including hangars, must be kept painted and properly maintained and free of junk and other unsightly accumulations.

ANTENNA HEIGHT No wires, antenna aerials or other equipment shall be installed upon the exterior of any building or freestanding at a height of more than 50 feet from ground level.

COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES PROHIBITED No one may use the airport or runways for commercial activity or for self-enterprise: for example, but not limited to, student pilot training, crop dusting, aircraft charter, freight operations, banner towing, or bi-plane rides.

DOMESTIC PETS PERMITTED A reasonable number of domestic animals for family pleasure may be kept, provided the animals are restrained by fence or other such restraint at the farthest possible point from the adjoining property. Horses will be permitted on a case by case basis in writing by the Association and will be limited to two (2) maximum per Lot.

AIRCRAFT FAA Certified Aircraft Only.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLE PARKING PERMITTED Parking & keeping of travel trailers, boats or trailers, motor homes, or other recreational vehicles & equipment of similar nature shall be permitted but shall be housed in a hangar or garage.

LANDSCAPING Each Lot Owner shall landscape and maintain his Lot and maintain the right-of-way between the abutting Lot and the Lot Line.

SEPTIC TANK LOCATIONS The location of wells or septic tanks must be approved by the Association. All installations shall be in strict accordance with local governing regulations.

FUEL STORAGE Each Lot Owner may have individual fuel storage. The location and quantity of said fuel storage tanks are subject to written approval of the Association. No underground fuel storage will be permitted.

RE-SUBDIVISION No Lot shall be divided or re-subdivided by any Lot Owner unless both portions of said Lot shall be used to increase the size of an adjacent Lot.

AVIATION ACTIVITIES WAIVER Purchasers of property acknowledge that they are aware this is a Fly-In Community and that a private airport is contained within the community and all owners hereby waive all and any objections to aviation activities carried out on or connected with the airport.

SETBACKS AND FREE SPACES OF BUILDINGS No building and no addition to any building and no structure or object shall be erected, placed or maintained on any lot nearer than twenty (0) feet to the side, fifty (50) feet to the front line, thirty (30) feet to the rear or thirty (30) feet to the corner of any lot.

OWNERSHIP The Common Areas are hereby dedicated to the joint and several uses, in common, of the Developer and the Owners of all lots. When all improvements proposed by the Developer have been completed and conveyed to purchasers, or sooner at Developer’s option, the Developer, or its successors and assigns, shall convey and transfer the record fee simple title to the Common Areas to the Association.

ESTABLISHMENT OF FEES, DUES, CHARGES & ASSESSMENTS The Board of Directors of the Association shall establish all sums which shall be payable by the Members of the Association

LOTS FOR SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCES ONLY No lot shall be used for any other than single-family residence purposes. There shall not exist on any lot at any time more than one residence and one hangar, and all residences constructed thereon shall be permanent.

RUNWAY USE The Association shall have the right to control the use of the Runways and Taxiways and may prohibit the use of the Runways or Taxiways by any aircraft deemed unsafe to either the life or health of individuals, by virtue of its size, design or state of repair, or the condition and maintenance of the field.

ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL; GENERAL POWERS No building, outbuilding, fence, wall, retaining wall or other structure of any type shall be constructed, erected, placed or permitted to remain on the Properties, nor shall construction or erection commence unless the Board of Directors of the Association shall have approved in writing the detailed drawings, plans, specifications, exterior colors, materials, plot plan, layout and landscaping plan of such proposed building or buildings and building site. Likewise, once a building has been constructed according to plans approved by the Board, no structure, alteration or addition shall change the external elevations, design, or appearance of said building unless detailed plans and specifications of such structure, alteration or addition have been approved in writing by the Board. The refusal by the Board to approve plans submitted hereunder may be based upon any grounds including purely aesthetic, which in the sole and uncontrolled discretion of the Board may seem sufficient. Approval of the Board should be received and verified prior to the submission of plans to any local jurisdiction responsible for permitting construction of buildings upon a Lot..